Writing from Leon Podles' View

Traditional ideals and a foundation in orthodox Catholicism form the basis of Leon Podles’ unique literary voice. He combines a Ph. D. in Old English and Old Icelandic with twenty years experience as a federal investigator. He writes things other people are afraid to think.

Books and Articles by Leon Podles


When asked about why he chose to write his last two books, Mr. Podles states that "my observations in the parishes I attended led me to write about the lack of men in the church in my first book, The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity. In 2002, a flood of documents of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church began to be released. I realized that my experience in the seminary was not unique, and I tried to come to grips with how an institution could allow such corruption to fester. This led me to my second book, Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church."


Mr. Podles later states that he wrote the book to “help victims feel that their voice has at last been heard. Attacking sexual abuse is not attacking the Catholic Church but is seeking to hold it to its own standards of justice and mercy and love.”


Author Leon Podles recently explained why he wrote Sacrilege, at a news conference at the National Press Club, Washington, DC. Introductions by Skip Eby and Thomas Doyle.
Watch the video here.